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For those of you who went on the 9th, you got a wonderful performance from everyone, including J.L.T! She was SO funny!For those of you who didn't see here is a little review! Sorry if it's all over the place, I tend to suck at writing reviews!I loved...

-When she said, "I knoooow", in that deep voice during 'Popular'. I could NOT stop laughing!

-When she was on TOP of Shoshana trying to get the flower in her hair during 'Popular'. She was sitting on her lap, and and she was just going at Shoshana's hair like it was nobody's business! Then she finally gave up and put it on her dress, and said in a very monotone voice,"Pink goes good with green..." Shoshana was laughing soo hard, and so was J.L.T. It was soo funny.

-This moment was amazing. After Idina had come out during the 'Finale', and she said,
"Fellow Ozians, I LOVE IDINA MENZEL!",I was laughing so hard. Considering I had been bawling two seconds early, it was a good time for some comic relief.

-When they were singing the last part of the 'Finale', it was just so wonderful. J.L.T was choking back tears, yet still sounded beautiful. Everyone was so happy/sad for Idina. It was so wonderful to know that almost everyone in that theater was their because they love Wicked, and they *love* Idina. This was my first J.L.T experience and I loved her. She was so incredibly funny, I just loved her. I can't wait to see her and Shoshana again!

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