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I just saw JLT perform in Wicked Tuesday night and, as this was my first time seeing her, let me tell you that she was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Her comedic timing was perfect. Her soprano register leaves something to be desired in my opinion, but she completely makes up for it with her belting, which completely blew me away. Her acting is brilliant. The funniest thing about her Galinda is that she takes herself so seriously and can't understand why people find her so amusing. And she's so sincere in the second act, which I think is something Cheno never really got quite right. During "For Good", you half expected Cheno to say in that little perky voice of hers, "Oh, well, you may have melted but I'm still popular!" But when JLT does it, she has a very genuine, sophisticated, mature air about her that she seems more like an adult than Cheno did, in some ways.

Oh, and did I mention? She is funny as HELL.

So, the point of this entry? Go and see JLT. NOW. :-)
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